Wet type dust collectors and down draft benches are utilized in a variety of manufacturing processes, particularly processes involving combustible metal dusts.  Metals that fall into this category tend to have extreme combustible and explosive properties, such as aluminum, titanium, magnesium, zirconium and other organic materials.  Wet type dust collectors are recommended specifically by the NFPA for collection of these combustible metal dusts typically found in machining, sawing, grinding, buffing, polishing, fettling, brushing, drilling, cutting, and abrasive blasting.

Contaminants which can be filtered through the impingement process of a wet collector (wet scrubber)  must be both wettable and sinkable in water, and exhibit no coagulation characteristics. If some coagulants are present, these can be accommodated through special decoagulant agents introduced into the water bath of the collector.

Wet type dust collectors can be provided in sizes up to 30,000 cfm and either standard or down draft bench configurations. Standard configuration units may be equipped with conveyor belt systems to remove the collected particulate which forms as a sludge in the tank portion of the unit. Down draft benches provide a handy, grated work surface for hand held machining and finishing operations, and where the contaminants flow downward from the source into the tank.

A wet scrubber filters using water introduced in a tank through an impingement process. A forceful spray of water dissects and impinges against the contaminated air introduced into the filtration chamber.  Dust particles are then captured in the droplets of water, cascade to the side of the chamber and settle to the bottom of the sludge tank.

Wet scrubber filtration efficiencies are impacted by the size and volume of the particulate matter and require a clean and constant water supply. For maximum efficiency of the scrubber, a concentration of less than 5 percent particulate within the scrubbing fluid is recommended.  The NFPA has specific recommendations about the amount of combustible metal particulates allowed to accumulate in the sludge tank of a wet collector. 

If you are unsure if your manufacturing process creates dust particulate of a size and volume suitable to be captured by a wet type dust collector, please ask Industry Products Group for a free evaluation of the contaminant. 

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