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  • Wet Type Dust Collector (water impingement filtration process particularly useful on wettable and sinkable particulates, including combustible metals)
  • Cyclone (venturi designed inertial separator )
  • Cartridge (cylindrical paper media filter cartridge dust collector not usable on combustible metal dusts)
  • Baghouse (fabric bag utilized to capture dust)
  • Oil Mist (Removal of oil, water mists from machining processes)
  • Electrostatic Precipitator (electrostatically charged plates capture smoke, dust or oil particulates from gas/fume emissions)
  • HEPA Filtration (primary and secondary filtration methods capturing contaminants down to .3 microns in size)ype your paragraph here.


A cyclone collector, frequently a low cost solution to capture many process contaminants, uses centrifugal force within a chamber to force contaminants to drop out into the storage bin below.  There is typically no filtration medium in the system.  Cyclone dust collectors are utilized for larger sized particles produced in a high volume. 

Down Draft Bench DUST COLLECTORS​​

Wet Type Dust Collectors are utilized in multiple applications where the contaminant is both wettable and sinkable in a water bath. Typical applications might include foundries and combustible metal dust manufacturing.  Aluminum, zirconium, magnesium and lithium metal processes, such as might be found in aircraft engine manufacturing, are highly combustible dusts.  A high velocity water bath is the primary filtration medium.  Wet type dust collectors can be utilized in sequence and equipped with sludge conveyors.  A wet type collector would be used in large assembly line operations, whereas a wet type down draft bench or booth configuration would be utilized in hand-held operations. 

Cartridge Dust CollectION SYSTEMS

Cartridge Dust Collectors are utilized in applications where the contaminant needs finer filtration than might be obtained through the use of a cyclone collector or wet type dust collector. Paper, polyester or other blended cartridge media are used as the primary method of removing dust particles. A cartridge dust collector can remove dry particles down to .5 microns depending upon filter performance selected.  In most cases, dry cartridge or baghouse collectors should not be utilized to process wet contaminants, oil mist or vapor, nor combustible metal dusts. After the cartridge media collects the contaminants, the product can be reclaimed in a barrell beneath the unit.  Units can be placed inside or outside the manufacturing structure.